Our Mission:


To provide a dynamic partner dance program that develops student’s creative potential, and sets a foundation of respect, teamwork, confidence, and leadership, while also teaching critical inter-personal communication skills.


The Program

Conga Kids utilizes a standards-based program that teaches students a range of dances, including: Merengue, Swing, Salsa, Tango, and Fox Trot. Our dynamic partner dance program aims to advance social equity, create a foundation of respect, teamwork, confidence and leadership, while fostering critical interpersonal and community engagement skills. 

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Conga Kids currently offers instruction twice a year, with 10-week programs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Once instruction begins, students are quickly immersed in Conga Kids’ multi-standards-based program, learning five partner-dances –Merengue, Swing, Salsa, Tango, and Foxtrot. With each new step, students also explored core character concepts, including respect for individuals and communities, self-confidence, communication, and cooperation.


Participating schools embrace the program enthusiastically, capitalizing on the many opportunities that Conga Kids offers throughout our 20-lesson residencies. Students are enthralled by our Professional Demonstration Assembly, in which a pair of champion ballroom dancers visit each school to perform and speak on their experiences. Each school also hosts their own end-of-semester Conga Kids Showcase, in which all 5th graders perform for lower-grade levels, family, and community members. Fourteen students from each site represent their school at a regional Semi-Final Competition, from which top schools advance to a final competition where they perform with elegance and energy against other elementary schools from across greater Los Angeles.


Our Impact

The Conga Kids Program is an opportunity for students to engage in unique learning.  As a partner dance program, students are exposed to not only diversity of dances but also each style of dances’ origins, rhythms, patterns.  Students will learn while building community and self-confidence and trust.



donations & support

With the support of corporate, judicial, and private funds, Conga Kids has successfully raised funds year over year to continue to impact the community in a positive way.



schools enrolled in program

Continued growth has given Conga Kids the opportunity to thousands of kids all over the greater Los Angeles area.



kids Impacted across 7 districts

From LA LIVE to the Microsoft Theatre, Conga Kids has inspired confidence in the hearts of the students through dance.