Dress Code

(Examples of appropriate CK Teaching Artist attire)

(Examples of appropriate CK Teaching Artist attire)

As with any job, appropriate attire is a requirement for Conga Kids. When on a school campus or attending a Conga Kids event, the Conga Kids Dress Code is Business Professional.

Conga Kids recognizes that every teaching artist will vary in their interpretation of/ access to “business professional” attire. Please use your best judgment to determine what qualifies as appropriate, professional attire. Whatever you choose, please arrive clean and well-dressed – you are representing Conga Kids, and your clothing choice can and will affect future bookings at schools.

Suggested Attire for Gentlemen:

  • Trousers, Collared Shirt, and Tie

Suggest Attire for Ladies:

  • Dress or Blouse with Skirt/ Trousers

For All Humans:

  • No spaghetti straps or visible undergarments

  • Necklines and hems should be elementary-school appropriate.

  • Please be aware of stomach and cleavage that may be revealed during dance demonstrations, and dress to avoid this.

  • Shoes should be semi-formal but comfortable enough to stand in for long periods of time.

  • Blue jeans/jean jackets, clothing with holes or logos, tight leggings or yoga pants, work-out attire (including work-out shoes), body-con dresses, etc. are not appropriate.